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Mommy....are we almost done with the remodel?

Ahhh still doing the kitchen,fun,fun. We are almost done and the house is semi-clean. The husband and the animals are really restless for it to be finished. Well...I am too...I can't wait to have all the new work space and I will actually have a place to put my mixer!!! The pic shows the new added cabinets and counter top, but the back splash is not grouted and the contractor won't be back until Tuesday....argghhh. That means I can't put anything up there until the grout is in place and sealed. Good things come to those who wait. The cabinets and counter top that have been added equals more space than I had in the "old" part of the kitchen. It amazes me that I was able to function, bake, and cook with that little of a space.

We also added some new doors under the sink with pull outs to utilize that space a little better. The pic shows my little doggy Stella hanging out in the drawer under the sink. She is such a super sassy girl!!!!

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