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Jewelry Donations

I recently made and donated these wonderful pieces of jewelry to a local fundraiser for the Humane Society. I love making jewelry and it gives me great pleasure to donate my baubles to this very worthwhile cause. If you would like to view my baubles for sale check out my etsy shop HERE. I need to get on the stick and make some new stuff!!! I am always open to custom work and repairs. Drop me a line through etsy or leave a comment here and we will chat!!!! :)


I recently went to this fundraiser for the local Humane Society. It turned out awesome!!! Lots of great raffle items and silent auction items donated my local businesses and persons too!!!! The venue was beautiful and the food was super duper great!!! Thank you to Central Coast restaurant in Fort Atkinson for hosting this wonderful event. Thank you for all the time, effort,and hard work that you put into this event. I thank you and so do all the animals at the shelter!!!! Two paws up for the Central coast restaurant!!! :)


Hawaiian Butterfly Garden Bracelet

This beautiful piece of jewelry was created by yours truly to commerorate the 2010 Jefferson County Humane Society Furball Fundraiser. It was a labor of love with over 5000 beads and 20 hours of labor. I love making baubles that can raise money for awesome causes. The HSJC is near and dear to my heart because they help so many unwanted and abused animals. They are kind and generous folks that have a soft place in their hearts for all of the our furry little friends. Thanks for helping the animals you guys are the bomb!!!!

Beautiful Baubles for Humane Society Fundraiser

These pics are of some of the beautiful jewelry that I made for a Humane Society fundraiser. I am a volunteer at the local shelter and try to contribute my time and efforts to raise funds and awareness of animals in need.

The fundraiser went very well and it was a lot of fun. This year the theme was Hawaiian and everyone was dressed up! The decorations were awesome and all the board members,employees, and volunteers did an awesome job of organizing,planning, and promoting the event. The food was great and everyone had an awesome time.

Thank you to the Jefferson County Humane society for all the hard work they put into helping the animals each and every day of the year!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

If you like the jewelry shown take a look at my online shop for more or my awesome creations. I am always open to custom work and I also do jewelry repairs.


Chester the Menace

This is the scene that I came home to on Monday. Our lovely kitty Chester (aka menace) jumped up on the fridge and knocked my kitchen tree onto the floor. It was a super cute tree with awesome kitchen related ornaments on it. Most of the ornaments are completely shattered. Most were glass ornaments and now they are dust and in the garbage can. I was a little miffed when I got home. You gotta love the sneaky naughty kitties.....arrrgggghhhh!!!!


Kitschy Collage Charm Bracelets

I have created some new and fun kitschy collage bracelets that I have added to my online etsy shop These fun and funky bracelets are available for your viewing pleasure in the bracelet section of my etsy shop. I love collage bracelets!!!

I plan on making many more things in the next week or so. I also make awesome steampunk style jewelry in my shop. Take a LOOK I plan on making many new trinkets in the weeks to follow. I want to have a nice selection of items in my shop and ready for all those eager Christmas shoppers!!!!


Super Duper Hot Sauce!!!!!

These are pics of the habaneros that I grew in my garden and some of the crazy insane hot sauce that I made out of those hot little devils. That stuff is so hot it will peel the skin off of your eyeballs!!!! I have a friend that eats insane hot food and sauce. I made a batch with habenaros and jalapenos and it wasn't hot enough for her. So, this time I added 24 habenaros and 3 dried red chilies (I added most of the seeds too). It has other yummy stuff in it like: carrots,garlic,onion,mustard powder and peppercorns. Holy crumbcake is that stuff fiery blazing hot. I stuck a toothpick in to try a little taste and my lips were burning and my nose started to run. That stuff will put the sweat on your forehead, for sure!!!! I think that this stuff is even too hot for the hubby and he really likes hot stuff. I think that I am going to make a milder version with the remaining peppers that I have, maybe with some tomatoes to cut the burn.