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Super Duper Hot Sauce!!!!!

These are pics of the habaneros that I grew in my garden and some of the crazy insane hot sauce that I made out of those hot little devils. That stuff is so hot it will peel the skin off of your eyeballs!!!! I have a friend that eats insane hot food and sauce. I made a batch with habenaros and jalapenos and it wasn't hot enough for her. So, this time I added 24 habenaros and 3 dried red chilies (I added most of the seeds too). It has other yummy stuff in it like: carrots,garlic,onion,mustard powder and peppercorns. Holy crumbcake is that stuff fiery blazing hot. I stuck a toothpick in to try a little taste and my lips were burning and my nose started to run. That stuff will put the sweat on your forehead, for sure!!!! I think that this stuff is even too hot for the hubby and he really likes hot stuff. I think that I am going to make a milder version with the remaining peppers that I have, maybe with some tomatoes to cut the burn.

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