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Beautiful Baubles for Humane Society Fundraiser

These pics are of some of the beautiful jewelry that I made for a Humane Society fundraiser. I am a volunteer at the local shelter and try to contribute my time and efforts to raise funds and awareness of animals in need.

The fundraiser went very well and it was a lot of fun. This year the theme was Hawaiian and everyone was dressed up! The decorations were awesome and all the board members,employees, and volunteers did an awesome job of organizing,planning, and promoting the event. The food was great and everyone had an awesome time.

Thank you to the Jefferson County Humane society for all the hard work they put into helping the animals each and every day of the year!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

If you like the jewelry shown take a look at my online shop for more or my awesome creations. I am always open to custom work and I also do jewelry repairs.

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