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Gettin' There

We are finally gettin' there with the kitchen remodel. I painted the walls and ceiling this week and put most of my stuff back in the kitchen on Monday. I actually made a cherry pie yesterday....the hubby was really happy about that!!!!! We are having a carpenter come and put crown molding on the top of the cabinets. The molding will cover up the duct work on the top of the cabinets. There wasn't crown molding there before because there were soffits on the top of the cabinets. At first, I wasn't sure about ripping those out, but I think that it looks really good and it opens up the space a little bit. With such a little kitchen I need it to feel more open. The hubby put outlets above the cabinets and we are thinking about putting track lighting up there.

We are having new doors made for under the sink with some custom pull-outs for the blind corner. It is going to look awesome!!!! There used to be sliding doors under the sink that were always getting was such a pain!!!

The first week in October we are getting a bank of cabinets installed on the other wall. It is going to be my baking and prep is going to be flippin' sweet!!! There isn't anything on that wall now...and even though we had to get reduced depth cabinets, I am really excited about having more cabinet and counter top space!!!!! OHHHHH YEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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