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Kitchen update in progress

I can't believe we are fixing up the kitchen again!!!! I think that my husband and I have completely lost our minds for deciding to fix up the kitchen again. This is the third time in 4 four years that we have done an update on the kitchen. Wow....we are nutty....crazy people. But, I think that if we would have done everything all at once it would have been sooooo very overwhelming that we wouldn't have done anything at all.

The first update was refacing and fixing up the existing cabinets. Scraping, painting, filling holes, new hardware...that sort of thing. That job was basically a weekend or two. The second update was a new floor and we added a laundry room behind the kitchen (actually we converted the pantry into a laundry room). That job turned into a huge nightmare. Lots and lots and lots of set backs and unforeseen problems. A two week job turned into 2 months....arrgggghhh!!!! After all the headaches of that job we were done with the kitchen for awhile. Well, it has been a year and we are back at it again. The third and ,hopefully, final job started out as new counter tops and a few other small things. has turned out to be a little more than that. We are ,basically, redoing the whole kitchen.

The list of updates now includes new counter tops, 6 new cabinets and 70 inches of counter space, new sink, faucet and plumbing, 2 new light fixtures,range hood and new duct work and vent,ripping out of the soffits and new crown molding of existing top cabinets, repair of ceiling plaster and removal of crown molding, mosaic tile back splash, window sill repair, and painting of walls.....whew that is a lot of stuff!!!! Everything seems to be going well so far....we have run into a few snags, but nothing really super major. When we ripped off the existing counter tops and back splash the plaster came off the wall(oopppsss). We had to have that fixed right away before the new counter top could be installed. We also have to rip some siding off of the outside wall of the house and move the fume hood duct work over. I thought that was going to be a real hassle, but that is proving to be less work than I thought, which is totally cool.

We are about 1/4 of the way through the project and hope to be completely done by the first week in October. We are doing the work in stages so I can have a functioning kitchen for most of the time through the update. Stay posted for more updates on the update. I am soooooo very excited about having more cabinets and counter space....yes, yes, yes!!!!!

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