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Recycle Bicycle

These are some photos of my entry into this years community project. Every year the city that I live in holds a community project. We get a "blank" and are free to decorate it however we like. This years theme is bicycles last years was butterflies. The completed bicycles are hung from the light poles on main street for a couple of months. They are then auctioned off to help raise money for the local Arts Alliance. The Arts Alliance uses the money to fund community art outreach and education programs.

The theme of my bicycle is Respect Mother Earth. I collected soda and water bottle caps from my sister and some of her coworkers for over a year. The whole back of the bicycle is decorated with these colorful caps. I think it looks super pretty!!!! One man's trash is another man's treasure!!!! So very true!!!! We are told to throw these caps in the trash. Just think of all the plastic that is being landfilled a year just from these caps that could be recycled. On the front I wanted to portray this idea, "Everything on the earth is interconnected and extends out into the universe" There is a great importance for humanity to be aware of the impact that wastefulness has on our current lifestyle and that of the future generations. I know, I know.....I am a total tree hugger....but, oh well.

I painted the earth on the sides of the wheels and the recycle symbols around that. I wanted it to look like motion, as if the tires was going around, so I painted stars around the earth to look like the galaxy was swirling around the earth......pretty awesome!!!! On the middle of the bicycle is colorful flowers that spill down into the galaxy. There is a twisted curly tree painted on seat of the bicycle. This project was so much fun!!!! I love taking something that would have been thrown out and making it into something beautiful!!! I have tons more of these caps and have used them to make jewelry and I am planning on making a few other "green" projects too. Loads of earth friendly fun!!!!

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