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After vacation blues!!!

I just realized that I haven't blogged in over a month!!!! Bad, bad, bad, blogger, I am!!! I was super busy with preparing to go on my first vacation in over 6 years and then I was on my super awesome vacation and now I am back from my vacation wishing I was still on vacation!!! Ahhh very very awesome.....soooooooo very worth every penny!!!!! Every night I swam in the hotel pool and sat in the hot tub....yes, yes, yes!!! The above photos are of some of the places that my husband, my sister and I went while we where in Vancouver, BC Canada. The scenery, climate, and locations were the bomb!!! The food was awesome (I am back doing my WI Fit....hard core.....arrrghhh....ate way too much yummy stuff) I did, however, get lots of exercise while I was there because everything is uphill both ways in Vancouver and everything is within walking distance. I think that we walked at least 5 to 6 miles a day....I know, crazy, right? I gotta say, I am already thinking about where I want to go next year on vacation. Vacations are going to be happening at least every 1 to 2 years from now on!!!!!!

Some highlights of this years super spectacular vacation were; whale watching tour, whistler bus day tour (beautiful mountains and waterfalls), Vancouver aquarium, horse drawn trolley rides around Stanley Park, suspension bridge and tree top adventures, and lots of shopping, awesome food, and beautiful scenery!!! Oh, I can't forget....I ate a dish called Poutine. It is a French Canadain dish that I was told, "It was to die for!!!" Well, it was flippin' awesome!!! Poutine is steak fries (lots of them) with crumbled white cheese curds on top with loads of chicken gravy poured over the whole mess, holy wow....yummmy scrummy, so very naughty and delicious!!!!

I did, of course, bring back lots of hokey souvenirs and thingys that said Canada. I didn't buy any maple syrup though, cause we have lots of that in Wisconsin. I sent everyone postcards that said, "Wish you were here" ha, ha, ha. They have yet to receive them, of funny, right?

I gotta say, hey ehhh, Canadians.....what's up with no dollar bills???? Dollar coins and two dollar coins????......I walked around with a limp cause my pockets were so heavy with change. Ha, Ha, Ha

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