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Back to School/ I Wish I Was a Kid Again Collage Bracelet/ EFA September Challenge

This super cool bracelet was made for the EFA September Challenge/Back to School. It can be viewed at It is a fun and funky bracelet with an assortment of awesome charms. The charms are attached with silvery jumprings to a nifty blue plastic chain. It has a heavy duty lobster claw clasp. Some of the charms include:
race car
game pieces
soda cup
teddy bear
and many more...over 30 charms all together!!!!

When the September theme was announced I thought of what back to school meant for me when I was a kiddy. Then I got to thinking about how I wish I were a kid again. To be able eat junk food and drink sugared soda and not worry about be able to play games and not have to think about paying the mortgage. That is what back to school means to me now. But, when I was a meant no more summer...arrgghh...back to school. But, I know the whole time my Mother was saying "thank god", they're going I will have some peace and quiet.

I will be donating 25% of the retail price to the ASPCA a very worthwhile cause. Please visit the charity section of my shop to view other items that I have for sale in which a portion of the proceeds benefit various animal charities.

The EFA(Etsy for Animals) is a group of artists here on that donate a portion of their sales to animal charities. To learn more please visit: