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Etsy Trashion Team Member Feature-Sweetyprize

This lovely hat is a item that is made by a fellow team member of etsy trashion on I am a proud member of this group. We use/reuse recycled/upcylced items in our artwork. Please visit the links on the left under etsy trashion to find out more about our awesome group!!!
Here is a little write up about this fabulous featured artist:
Catherine at creates all kinds of things, but mostly she loves to make unique things with crochet. And by unique she means with cassette tape. Sweetyprize takes unusuable cassette tapes, guts them and then crochets with the tape part. Right now she's got some hats made with Bon Jovi's New Jersey and some demo tapes from her ex's bands. Also check out a tote style purse and some cuffs and cozies made with this same technique. Besides that, Sweetyprize crochets with yarns made of tee shirts and unraveled from old sweaters. Check out all the wonderful housewares and jewerly at

1 comment:

Drew said...

That is sooo awesome and original! What an uber cool way to keep those old tapes out of the Landfills!