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Pretty Kitties Bottle Cap Necklaces/ Donation for the EFA Shop

These lovely necklaces are made with bottle caps. The kitty image is encased in resin. They were made with my own two hands!!!! These necklaces were donated to the EFA (Etsy for animals) shop on Which is scheduled to open for business on Sept. 1st. To purchase items that benefit the animal charity of the month please visit This lovely shop is run by a fellow EFA team member who tirelessly works to help the EFA and animals in need to see her shop please visit Her shop is called Tantalizing Stitches. She makes awesome knitted/crochet take a peek!!!!
If you like the Pretty Kitty bottle cap necklace feel free to visit my shop on were you can purchase fabulous collage style jewelry.
To learn more about our wonderful EFA group please visit the links list on the left of this blog!!!

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