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All Decked out for Christmas!!!

This is our (the hubby and I's) shiny and bright Christmas light display. I am soooo ready for Christmas this year. I did cut back on the decorating. I have 8 boxes of Christmas stuff that I didn't put out this year and I even have 3 boxes of stuff that I decided to sell at our rummage sale in the spring. GASP.....I am actually parting with some of Christmas "junk". We were getting way, way, way too many Christmas decorations; the attic was busting at the rafters.....arrgggghhhh.

I changed my color scheme this year to purple, blue and white. I think it looks pretty darn nabit good!!!! I always like to go with a theme or certain colors to make the display look cohesive. I have been having trouble with the spiral tree in the center. The middle section is always burning out. I was going to take it inside to try and fix it but it is frozen to the ground. ARRRGGGGHHH.....go figure right?

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