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Reinventing my art space

I have been busy these last few weeks reinventing my tiny work space. It was really junky looking and started to become the "dump all" room. I needed more storage.....a place that would inspire me to create. I decide to go crazy dramatic!!! Color, color, color and loads more color is what my room needed and places to store all my awesome "junk". I started by painting 2 walls magenta and the other 2 walls two different shades of purple....kinda crazy right???? I know, I know never paint a small space dark is my room and I will do what I want (he, he, he). Besides, I never follow any of those types of rules anyway.

Next I cleaned out and organized the closet and put the bulletin board on the inside of the closet. The bulletin board is kinda of junky looking, but serves a purpose so it is still functional but hidden away for aesthetic purposes. I still needed more storage, so I dragged this old dresser out of the attic that I bought at a thrift store for $10 and painted it orange....super cool I think. Still, more storage needed....ah ha....I remembered I had an old cabinet down in the basement that my husband and I took out of the kitchen to make room for the dishwasher. A couple of coats of lime green paint and new hardware, viola.....a awesome "new" art cabinet.

It is truly amazing to me the amount of furniture that is in this tiny space. There is a desk (with computer),kitchen table(creating table), two dressers, bookshelf (with TV and studio rats), small shelf with sewing machine, two chairs, piano bench with radio, and a tall storage cabinet. did I manage all of that....well it somehow all works together.

It was a lot of fun redoing my art room. I re-did our bedroom and the guest bedroom the week prior and am looking forward to my next couple of house projects. When you are on a roll you just have to go with it.

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