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Curb-side rescue

I am a big fan of "dumpster diving" I love to find old junk on the curb and reinvent/renew/re purpose things that others have thrown away. Most of my planters in my flower garden are cast-offs. My husband and I spied this dresser laying upside down on the side of the road. It was actually laying in a puddle. My first thought was that it was wrecked due to water damage. I turned it over and the top was a little peeled up....but that can be fixed. The dresser was very old and it had a lot of wear and tear. The construction was sturdy and structurally still very sound. With a little (a lot) of wood putty and paint it would be good as new. Usually, I wouldn't paint old furniture; I would refinish it. But, it was was in pretty rough shape and I had a specific purpose in mind for the piece.

I started by peeling off the damaged wood and puttying up the holes. I then sanded it down twice. I removed the old knobs and painted it with three coats of awesome banana yellow semi-gloss paint. I waited 24 hrs for the paint to dry and then put the new knobs on. It is still missing a small piece of wood on the front that I am going to try to all I think it looks super duper cool!!!! It took two days for the redo and about $40. That is pretty good for a free dresser. I am using it to store art supplies in my newly reinvented art room.

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