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Thanks SharonFosterArt!!!! Love, Mr. Pig

Mr. Pig sends his love to SharonFosterArt on Sharon is a fellow member of the animal group EFA(etsy for animals) on She created some beautiful mini paintings of Mr. Pig and my pet rat Stewart. When these paintings sold she donated the money to the "Pot Belly Pig fund" This is a fund that I established for River aka "Mr. Pig" at the Jefferson County Humane Society. The proceeds from this fund go to feed Mr. Pig. He eats pig kibble but, also needs veggies and other foods for a balanced piggy diet. I went to the grocery store and bought 10 cans each of corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. Those are Mr. Pig's favorite veggies.

Mr. Pig was abused and neglect for many years. He came to the HSJC back in August of 2007 in a terrible state. He was suffering from starvation, overgrown hooves, and terrible skin problems from his years of neglect. He is now a fat and happy pig, living out his twilight years under the gentle loving care of the kind folks at the HSJC.

Mr. Pig says two hooves up for kind and giving folks like Sharon, you are the bees knees!!!!!

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