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Rats as pets?????......why of course!!!!

This is my beautiful,lovely,friendly, and special pet ratty friend "Stewart" Rats make the best pets. They are very intelligent and loving.....and not to mention super duper cute. Ahhh....gasp....a rat you say....well yeah....of course!!!!

Stewart is super sweet and very curious. I love him and would do just about anything for him!!!! Back in Sept. of 2007 Stewart needed surgery for a large cyst growing on his face. Most people told me to put him to "sleep" I said " No way" he is my friend and he is in pain. So off to the ratty hospital he went for his day surgery. It took him a few weeks to recover and many doses of meds to heal the infection.

He is all well and fine now, and the surgery was worth every penny!!!!!!! So pooooooo on all of you that said he was just "a rat" He is my precious little friend and I love him very much!!!!!

Here is little snipet about pet rats that I found on this great big thingy called the "internet"

Rats are intelligent, social animals that can make wonderful pets.
Easily tamed.
Relatively easy to care for, but are not low maintenance pets.
Require a fair amount of attention and exercise time outside of thier cages (at least an hour a day is ideal).
Rats are very social and do best if kept with other rats.
Same sex pairs or groups are ideal. Males usually get along fine with other males especially if introduced at a young age or they are littermates. Keeping rats in groups does not make them more difficult to tame if they are handled from a young age.
Rats are very curious.
Many owners compare the companionship of a rat to that of a dog.

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mvegan said...

Hi Stewart, so cute! I had 2 rats when I was young, Tanya, then Tarka, they were so smart and sweet, unfortunately lived short but loved lifes ;)