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Perfect Pillow Cases- Made by Mom

These beautiful pillowcases are hand-made with love by my Mommy(she is just so darned crafty!!!!). They are for sale in her etsy shop HERE. You need a pair of these beautiful and luxurious satin pillowcases, I know you do!!!!! Here is what my Mom has to say about these awesome pillowcases:

You'll just love these midnight blue satin pillowcases. They help keep your coiffure from getting messy because your head slides across the satin unlike the percale counterpart. I've added blue and white embroidery across the hemline. They are 20-1/2" wide and 31-1/2' long--roomy enough for a queen size pillow, but not to big for a standard size. They are machine washable and dryable. I just wash mine when I wash my sheets. They are 100% woven polyester, so they come out of the dryer almost wrinkle free. I just take them out of the dryer when I hear the buzzer and zip them right back on my pillows. Give them a try, I know you'll just love them.

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