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Rewind to my Roots!!!

Lately I have been so flipin' crazy for making collage jewelry. Yesterday after a week of making crazy,funky,chunky,kitschy collage jewelry....something in me snapped. I had an idea to make a vintage looking collage bracelet. The bracelet is the one with the little sweetheart girls on it. Once that bracelet was made I started to make the other things pictured. I soon realized I was going back to my roots. Going back to the type of a jewelry I have made for years and years. Romantic gemstones delicate jewelry. I have this type of jewelry in a shop in the town I live in. I love it!!! My jewelry designs and creations are so diverse. I think it is because I love all types of jewelry!!! I can never make up my mind what I want to make. Variety is a good thing. Enjoy and if you are interested in anything, write me an email at

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