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Sometimes it's hard being green!!!!

I try very hard to incorporate green living practices in my everyday choices, but sometimes it is very difficult. My husband and I are doing some work on our kitchen (again!!!) and I wanted to use as many "green" materials as we could afford. I quickly found out that buying "green" products are for rich people. I totally loved this counter top material that was made from 75% recycled material and they also reuse 94% of the water when fabricating the counter top. The counter top was twice the price of a quartz product and four times the price of a laminate. It was even $12 per square foot more than granite or marble. Holy Cow.....what is a person to do???? Well, if I had an unlimited budget I guess I could have purchased the "green" top. I thought it over many times and the high cost forced use to pick a different less expensive counter top. Argghhhhh!!!!!

Then there is the question of what to do with the laminate counter top that is in our kitchen now. Do I throw that in the trash? Well, I came up with a compromise. We are going to peel the laminate off of the top of the wood. We will use the wood in our fire pit or fire place. Unfortunately, we will have to toss out the laminate bits (wish I could find a use for that). In order to get the counter top off the base cabinets we had to cut it in pieces, so it isn't really reusable.

I have to keep reminding myself that in today's world it is very difficult to be completely "green", but it is the effort that counts. Making conscience choices (the best choice that you can make in any certain situation) about reducing and reusing is sometimes the most a person can do. Every little bit helps!!!

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