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Trash or Treasure?????

These are the soda bottle caps that my sister and I have been saving up for about a year. These are the items that they tell you to throw in the garbage. So just imagine how many of these go into landfills every year if millions of people are throwing these babies in the trash. That is a lot of plastic that could be recycled.

I got an idea last year to use these in a few different ways. I use them to make jewelry in my etsy shop look HERE. I was also going to string these colorful caps together to make garland for a "green" Christmas tree theme. (Pretty neat, I think!!!) But, my true genius came through when I decide to use them in this years community project. Every year the city in which I live does a community art project that benefits the local Art Alliance. Last year was butterflies and this year is bicycles. So stay tuned to see what I do with these rescued caps. I think I have a good idea brewing in my mind. Can you hear the wheels turning???

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