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Psycho Recycler? Just doing my part to be GREEN

My family and friends lovingly refer to myself as the "Psycho Recycler". I like to think that I am just doing my part to be green. I hate throwing things out and I feel a tiny vein bulge in my brain when I see someone wasting food or throwing things in the garbage that should/can be recycled. I know, I me a tree hugger, it's okay....I can take it. I used to be "just" a regular recycler, then I saw a program on PBS about how much plastic is floating around in our rivers,streams, and oceans; a tiny switch flipped in my brain and I became the "Psycho Recycler". I have now upped my game when it comes to recycling....I try not to buy items that I know can't be recycled (but sometimes my hand is forced)and I wash out all plastic food bags(cheese,fish and veggie bags) and recycle them with my regular plastic bags. Cardboard and paper food items (flour and sugar bags,oatmeal pkgs,jello pkgs,etc.) that can't be recycled get used to start fires in our fireplace. All other non-recyclable paper gets shredded up and used for bedding in my rat cages. I save all bottle caps and jar lids and use them in my jewelry making. I have even made Christmas ornaments out of pickle jar lids. I have been thinking about making garland out of the colorful caps for a "Green" Christmas tree....hmmm still thinking about that one.

I try very hard to only use second-hand/recycled packaging materials within my ETSY SHOP when shipping out my baubles. Most or part of my jewelry that I sell is made with some part that is reused, thrifted, or upcycled.

The above photos are of some of the items that I have saved to ship out my lovely jewelry that I create. My husband brings home the little white boxes from his work. The boxes used to have electronic parts in them and they work perfect for my jewelry items.

Do your part to be green!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

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