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Christmas Cake Catastrophe

I wanted to make a special cake for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook. But, next time I get it into my head to make a 4 layer cake I am going to stop and say, "Um....remember what happened last time"

So here is the story:
I had this idea to make a 4 layer cake with 2 different types of chocolate cake. I wanted this cake to be a monster, very large and impressive. I wanted to show off my superior baking skills..he, he, he. The baking part of the cake went okay. But when I went to assemble my masterpiece, the trouble started. First off I needed a gallon of frosting. When I started to frost the layers they were all lop-sided and they started to break apart and then I had a leaning cake tower......argghhh. I needed to do something fast!!! Ahhh...I thought "stick some bamboo skewers into the cake to hold it into place" That worked for like 10 minutes. I was forced to saw off the sides of the cake and put it into the freezer to set while I prepared another batch of frosting. 10 cups of powdered sugar later...and the cake a little smaller around, I started to try to frost it again. was falling apart. I thinned the frosting down to put a base layer on and then I put it back into the freezer. What a load of crap!!! I finished frosting the cake and it still looked a bit lumpy, so I put sprinkles and sugared gingerbread men and reindeer to fill in the gaps. Pretty tricky, right? I lined the base with candy canes. I wanted to cover up the Halloween plate (it was the only plate I had big enough for the cake)

Well in the end I think I made it look okay, but what a headache. What a catastrophe!! I am sure it will taste awesome, but I am never making something like that again!!!

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