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AWBAR needs your HELP!!!!

Awbar is an animal charity that I donate to. They have recently had a terrible and tragic incident. Please read below to find out more. I have cut and pasted this directly from the AWBAR site.

Hey everyone.
I need your help!

I released all the raccoons but three. Yesterday 2 of them came back. Some one decided to be rude enough and leave anti freeze where we feed the raccoons. My father and I cleaned it up then found the gallon that was used in the forest. We did run several tests and discovered the news a couple of hours ago.

They started walking funny, vomiting and their kidneys are starting to shut down. We gave them as many of fluids as we could 650cc each. The only thing we can do now, is cross our fingers and hope for the best. The antidote medication that they need is very expensive and they do not carry it at the vets office. It can be ordered,however for now I will be up for the next few days. This happened less than 24 hours ago, and it can take up to 36-72 hours for the antifreeze to kill them. So far my vet bill is $227.00 and I must return tomorrow ( Thursday) for more fluids. Because the raccoons are larger and not friendly, we have to gas them in order to give them the IV’s that they need. My heart is broken, for all I went through this year with the parvo. It was hard enough to release them, now discovering the antifreeze.

When I go back to the vets office tomorrow, I will take photos to show everyone. The raccoons look so sad. I will post the photos here.

I need your help! If you can make a contribution to help pay for this vet bill I would greatly appreciate it.

If you are using paypal please use

Thank you everyone for your in advance for your help!




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