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No time to Blog---kitchen is being ripped up!!! Arggh!!!

I haven't been blogging or listing stuff in my etsy shop lately. For the last month I have been fixing up various rooms in the house. Today the kitchen floor had to be cut out down to the floor boards. Yesterday I had to move everything out of the kitchen including everything in the cupboards....otherwise the dust would be everywhere. After 8hrs of packing up stuff and moving heavy appliances.....I asked myself, "Remind me why am I doing all this" It will look beautiful once it is done, I tell myself. I have to believe that otherwise I will flip-out. There was about 4 layers of floor on top of one another. That was total crap....I wasn't about to lay down another layer on top of that. So the hubby and I decide to do it right and rip out all of the other floors and start from scratch.....crazy, I know!!!! The kitchen is super scary right now because you can see through the cracks in the floor down into the basement. I can't even walk on the floor; it gives me vertigo. The floor is getting installed tomorrow and Sunday we can start moving all the junk back in. I can't believe how much stuff I had in that little kitchen. Well, a lot of the junk is getting packed away for the next rummage sale. If I haven't used in 3 years, I doubt I ever will. I am going to be sooooo happy when all of this is over with!!!! Then I can get back to creating and listing new and fabulous stuff in the etsy shop!!!!

Photos above are of the super pretty different layers of floor. I was just wondering why someone would want a vinyl floor that looked like bricks. What would match with a faux brick floor? All the big questions to ponder. Hmmm.....makes you wonder.

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