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Diametrical Palette Lepidoptera

Diametrical Palette Lepidoptera (Opposite Color Butterfly). The above photo is a of a butterfly that I created for the local Art Alliance community project. Every year there is a theme to the project and local artists are given a "blank" to embellish. The art work is hung on the light posts of the downtown area from May through September. The art work is then auctioned off to benefit the Art Alliance. Butterflies were chosen this year and it was very challenging for me to paint and complete my butterfly. I am primarily a 3-D artist and I struggled with what my theme for the butterfly should be. I had original thought I would papier mache it but, I thought "why not try something different". I wanted it to be different on both sides but a little of the same. I painted each side with the same shapes but a completely different color theme. I think it turned out pretty neato. I can't wait to see all of the other butterflies!!!!!

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