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Rest in Peace Mr. Pig (River)

Today is a very sad day, indeed, Mr. Pig aka River went to the big "trough" in the sky. River had been feeling down the last few days. When he was brought to the Vet they found he had swallowed a nail. When they went in to operate they found that he was filled with cancer. The hard decision was made to let him go so he wouldn't suffer.

I took a special interest in River when I saw the abuse and neglect that he had suffered before arriving at the Jefferson County Humane Society. I started a fund to help defray the cost of housing and feeding him. I would like to thank all of those who contributed to the Pot Belly Pig Fund. You helped to house and care for River and made the last 8months of his life happy and comfortable. I would also like to thank all of the generous,loving and caring folks at the Jefferson County Humane Society that took such great care of him.

I loved Mr. Pig very much and I will miss him greatly. I am really glad that I was able to aid in his care. He was the best piggy ever!!!! Rest in peace Mr. Pig.


Laura Bee said...

I'm sad to hear this news. How great though, that River had love and peace in his last days. What a kind soul you must be to have dedicated your time and love to him.

xoxo, LB

Elephant Dance said...

Ah. that's too bad. I am sure he appreciated how much you helped him out.

Elephant Dance said...

ah. that's too bad but I do think you did a wonderful job trying to help him out.