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EFA shop feature- Naidascrochet

This awesome coffee cup cozie was donated to the EFA store. This lovely coffe cup cozie was donated by naidascrochet. The EFA is a group of over 300 artist on that donate some portion of their shop proceeds to animal charities. I am a proud member of this group. The EFA store takes in donated items from team members and gives 100% of proceeds(after fees and shipping)to a selected charity of the month. To learn more about the EFA please visit HERE. To view this awesome donated item please visit HERE. Here is some info about item:

Morning Dew Coffee Cup Cozie

100% cotton

Whether you call it....jamocha, cafe, cafe noir, cappuccino, decaf, espresso, ink, java....this is a cute way to dress up your morning cuppa.

Fully functional.
No more disposable sleeves for your cuppa. This cozie has ruffles, yes ruffles :P
Makes that cuppa look pretty.

This cozie is made with a multicolored cotton yarn.
It's a blend of soft blues.

Protect your hands and keep your coffee or tea hot a little bit longer.
Made with cotton yarn, so it is absorbent as well.
Use it for cold drinks to absorb the condensation.

Come on, get one for yourself or the coffee/tea addict in your life.

100% cotton
hand or machine wash and tumble dry low or hang dry
fits a 12oz cup

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Elephant Dance said...

nice! let efa know when you feature an efa member so we can link to it on the efa blog at

whskr/majorie is keeping it up to date so convo her.

Thanks for helping efa grow!