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Brrrrrrr!!!!!! It is cold outside!!!!

Ahh to live in the Midwest......freezy cold temperatures,snow, and ice!!!! It was 1 degree outside this morning....bundle up!!! If you live around these here parts you will need something to help keep you warm.....hows bout' these awesome mitties that were knitted by my Mommy and are available for sale in her etsy shop HERE. Here is a little more info about the mittens:

These mittens are knit on four needles with Red Heart Sayelle yarn. They are a size that most adults can wear. They measure 6-1/4" from the base of the thumb to the top. I have tried them on and they fit me quite well. I have long fingers too. I have knitted in the checkerboard design for uniqueness. If you live in the upper midwest as I do, there is plenty of winter left to get good use out of these mittens.

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