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Shopping for Mr. Pig......Pot Belly Pig Fund Update

I made fudge and sold it at several local places. I donated 15% of the proceeds to the "Pot Belly Pig Fund" This is a fund that I established for "River"(I call him Mr. Pig) the senior pot belly pig housed and cared for at the Jefferson County Humane Society. River was abused and neglected. He was found at the side of the road starving. Can you picture a skinny pig? His front legs are slightly deformed due to overgrown hooves. He is doing awesome and getting fat under the gently loving care of the kind folks at the shelter.

It is costly to feed River, so I decided to use the money that I collected to buy the food that River needs. I raised $133 for the fund. My niece and I went shopping on Thursday and filled up 2 carts full of can goods,cereal,granola bars, bread, cookies,dried fruit,snack cakes, and other assorted goodies. River loves his snacks, after all he is a pig!!!! Oink, Oink, Oink!!!!! The food bought should feed River for at least a month or two, maybe longer!!!

The above photos are of the grocery store trip and the receipt for the food donation.
Thank you to all the kind people who bought fudge and helped to contribute to this fund!!!!! River is now living high off the HOG.....he, he, he!!!!!!

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