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Trashion Team Charm Swap

Team trashion on is having a charm swap. I decided to participate. It was awesome fun!!! What we did is make a minimum of 6 charms. One charm stays with the person that is doing the swap and is then made into a necklace that will be going into the team shop. The other 5 get swapped out and sent to the participating team members. I had a lot of fun making my charms and look forward to getting my trashion charms. The charms had to be made (at least partially) out of something found,recycled,repurposed or upcycled. My charms are as follows: 2 heart soda can charms, 2 bottle cap charms(one made out of pudding box, the other out of a pop tart box) 1 charm made out of a old cigarette box I picked up while on a walk. 1 charm made out of a Barbie shoe. So very awesome, right????? Well I think so!!!! If you would like to view more of my awesome creations please visit here. Thanks and have a great Monday!!!!

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