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Trashion Outfitters

I am a member of an awesome group on called etsy trashion. We are a group of etsy artists that use recycled/upcycled/repurposed/vintage and second-hand items in our art work. We create outfits from start to finish with a theme that illustrates how you can use/wear trashion items in your everyday life. Basically, a outfit from head to toe and all the accessories to go with an outfit or theme.
I created an outfit called "Summer is not over yet....I'm going to the farmer's market"
I have included all the neccessary items that you will need for your farmer's market journey and of course a super cool eco-chic outfit.
Check out my trashion outfit here.
Check out my super cool jewelry here My jewelry is made with at least 50% reused/recycled/repurposed/vintage or second-hand items. Spread the green love around!!!

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