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Is it Christmas already?????

It is not even Halloween yet and I am busy with Christmas!!!!I have been taking a break from making jewelry this week to make tons and tons of Christmas ornaments. I am making a variety of ornaments to sell at a couple consignment shops. I am making more romantic/victorian ornaments for a cute little gift shop in town. I am constructing those out beautiful upholestry fabric that is left over from a quilt I made about 10 years ago. The photo above is of mostly little polymer clay ornaments that I made on Monday. There is a pickle, hot pepper, and banana. They are very awesome, if I do say so myself!!!! I am also making wood ornaments out of vintage/retro style papers and decoupaging them onto wood shapes. I am going to two shows in November and will be bringing some of them along with me and the others will go on consignment. I have a few different ideas planned for today. I think I should make a list because I keep forgetting what I want to make. I haven't decided if I am going to list any on etsy or not.

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