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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Get your costume out....get the candy ready!!!!! We have over 200 kids that come to our house!!! I know it is insane, but I am ready, I bought 12 bags of candy and lots of pencils to hand out to the kids that need to "get smart" and realize they are too old for Halloween. My husband said that (I thought it was pretty clever). I have an outfit for one of the dogs, it is a Hula girl costume. She doesn't really like wearing it. Next week all the Halloween decorations come down and all the Christmas goes up, I skip right over Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas. Enjoy your Halloween, dress up and have some candy. Not too much though, that will give you nightmares!!!! That is what my Mom always told me, ha, ha, ha. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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