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Dr.Strange and Witch Hazel

My husband and I went to an awesome Halloween party last night. It was thrown by my boss. He put the party in the community paper and invited everyone in town!!!!! So very cool, I must say!!!! I was Witch Hazel and my husband was Dr. Strange. The rats that we are holding are something my husband put together. We bought stuffed rats and drilled the eyes out and put LDs and a switch so the eyes would creepy spooky!!!!! There was a great turn out everybody was wearing a scary costume. These are some of the costume that were there: Zombie,Freddy Krueger,Skeleton,Witch,Alice in Wonderland,Scarecrow,Lion,Ghost,Vampire,Pimp,Prisioner,Playboy bunny and Hugh,Doctor,Nurse,Police,Construction Worker,Baseball Player,Karate Man....and many, many more!!!!!
There was a costume contest and my husband and I one 3rd place!!!! That is so awesome. I didn't even know that there would be a costume contest....that is funny because I work there and I guess I must have forgotten about it or just didn't pay attention. I wanted to dress up to have fun and look like a scary witch, it is a bonus that we won something!!!!! I think that my husband costume was better than mine and it was great fun to put together. He enjoyed drinking out of his flask and hamming it up as Dr. Strange. Happy Halloween!!!!

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