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Creme' Comes Home

This the newest addition to our animal family. Creme' Brulee' is a buff colored ratty with pink eyes(just in time for Halloween, ha, ha,ha). He is the last to join the mammal kingdom in our household, so my husband says. He joins two dogs, two cats, and of course his ratty brother Stewart. I think 6 animals is enough, for now.
I wasn't intending on getting another pet. I went into Petco because I had this coupon for free dog treats. I saw Creme' over in the adoptables corner laying in a tissue box and I had to have him. He is a little shy and scared at first, but with lots of TLC he will be just like Stewart. Creme' loves to be held and combed. He was neglected and has skin problem....but I am working on that. I have a soft spot for hard luck cases. He was kept in a dirty cage and was never bathed. Creme' doesn't like Stewart and they fight so they will remain in separate cages.

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