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Studio Clean-Up

I had a little realization studio is a mess and I need more space. I, sadly, had to get rid of the "artist" bed and put in two new work stations. When I was tired I used to just roll over and fall into bed. But, ummm... ahhh, my husband didn't like that too much. I spend way to many hours in my little cubby-hole studio as is, he didn't want me sleeping in there too. I think I need to get out more. I added a table for soldering/decoupaging and a table for sewing/resin pouring. Now where should I put the sewing machine.....hmmmm. Some before and after photos for you to enjoy!!! The first is of my obvious mess...and the others are of my sparkling new studio work space. It won't stay looking like this for long. I thought I had better take some photos.

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