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Soldered Pendants

So, over the weekend, I taught myself how to low-temp solder. These awesome pendants are the result of my new experiment. Pretty cool, huh? I bought a book and flipped through it and started making the pendants right away. I had most of the tools and supplies (actually, my husband does, he is an electrical engineer and has all this awesome equipment)I thought it would be difficult, like silver soldering. I silver soldered while I was majoring in metalsmithing in college. This type of soldering is totally different and I think, personally, a lot easier. It took me about a year to become good at silver soldering. I think after making about 10 of these pendants I am pretty good at it. I was making a few today and burned my thumb on the soldering I thought that was a sign to quit for the day. I am going to be making so other things this afternoon.

Most of the pendants are made from recycled/repurposed items, like candy boxes, cookbooks, monopoly money, and assorted bits and pieces of stuff that I find on my walks. The four bottom right pendants are made out of found objects that I pick up and bring home with me. I usually recycle most of the items. But then I had a thought, why not make this "junk" into wearable art!!! So very thrifty and eco-chic!!!! Those four are going to be made into a "trash to treasure" charm bracelet. I have other charms of this nature that I am in the process of making. They are made out of soda cans,cereal boxes,candy bar wrappers, and any other bits/scraps I can find. I usually come home with several empty cigarette packs. Those are pretty abundant. My little doggy even drags one home. Well, she's doing her part to help the environment too!!!! Trashion is Fashion!!!!
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