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Home Decor Day!!!

I have been trying to make other things besides jewelry lately. I made these lovely photo frames within the last few days. I adhered the bottle caps that I usually use for bracelets and necklaces to these repurposed frames. I think that they turned out pretty cool!!!!! I also make birdhouse and lamps and other misc. knick knack trinkets to beautify your home. It is hard trying to find the time to do all the stuff I want. I probably incorporated at least 20-30 different techniques into my jewelry making already and I have 208 items listed on etsy and have my jewelry in 3 shops on consignment. I have one show planned for Nov. and I just got a part-time job. Not to mention I volunteer at the humane society on a weekly basis. Whew.....I am tired just thinking about it!!!! If you would like to view more of my lovely creations please feel free to visit here. Thanks and have an awesome Friday!!!

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