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Halloween WIST ATC Swap-Good Witch Bad Witch

The WIST team on is having a Halloween ATC(artist trading cards) swap. You make a 2.5 by 3.5 original card and send it to the specified swaper and you receive a card from another member. How awesome!!! It can be made out of any material you wish. It should stay within the measurement parameters and should be relatively flat. Other than that, go wild, use your imagination!!! These cards are not intended for resale. They are just a little piece of treasure from a fellow artist. A miniature piece of art from a fellow team member....ahhhhhh!!!

Well I thought as a team member of WIST(Wisconsin Street Team)that I would try my hand at making a ATC. I was worried because I never made one before and I am primarily a jewelry artist. But, I figured what the heck, i'll give it a shot, put my worries aside and go for it!!! I had to pump myself up and keep saying, "you can do it, you have an Art Degree", ha, ha, ha. I love 3-D art and working with my hands, so I don't know what the heck I was so worried about. I think my ATC turned out awesome!!!!

When I decided to make my ATC I turned ideas around in my head for about a week. I wanted it to be something really different....hmmmm, hmmmm....what to do????? Then it hit me, I love collage and mixed media type jewelry and art; and I also love to use recycled/upcycled stuff. So this is what I came up with: the front of my ATC is made with squished bottles caps that are riveted onto several sheets of paper. The bottle caps have pretty good witches on the front with tons of glitter(I love glitter)decoupaged onto the bottlecaps and paper. The back of the ATC has two vintage images of ugly bad witches. So you can flip the ATC over to reflect the mood you are in for the day, ha, ha, ha. It says Happy Halloween BOO and is signed by myself. I had so much fun with this!!! I can't wait to do another project like this!!!! On WIST!!!

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