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Pretty Pendants!!!!

This is a photo of some of the pretty pendants that I made yesterday. I figured that I would make some pendants and maybe it would boost sales. A lot of people are making jewelry and are looking for awesome pendants to include in their jewelry creations. Of course my pendants are spectacular..cause they are made be me. Modesty is my best quality...he, he, he! I am going to post a few on etsy today. If you are interested in any go to The ones in the middle will be $4 bucks each. They are reversible;there is a different pattern on the back. Very Cool!!! I haven't decided about the rest, probably a little less but I will have to think about it. The pendants in top left corner are made out of dominoes. The image is decoupaged on the front. The pendants just below are made out of polymer clay. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!!!!

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Leslie Hahn said...

oh my, I really like them, very cool trendy patterns!