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Cat People

I was reading through a forum on about a woman who had over a 100 cats in Russia. The place looked clean and the cats all looked well cared for. But, it got me to is it humanly possible to care for all those cats....and what about the litter box stink...yikes. Maybe in this woman's case she was we able to take care of the cats, but that is not usually the case. All to often animal hoarders can't take care of the cats. They have good intentions at first but, it usually becomes to much for them to handle. The cost of properly caring for that many animals is estimated at $250 to $500 dollars a month. Who has that kind of money? I read a few more stories on the internet about "cat people" and most of them did not have a good outcome. A lot of the cats were sick or skinny and had to be put down. Here is a story of just that If you have too many kitties, do the right thing and take them to the humane society were they can be adopted out to families that can properly take care of them.

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