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This is my awesome kitty Winky. She followed me home from the bowling alley almost 4 years ago. She only has one eye, but she has a lot of love to give. In the beginning we searched for her luck. She became part of our family. She came to us with a lot of medical problems. We brought her to the vet and patched her up. One day 8 months after she was member of the family....I heard a knocking on the door. It was a lady claiming to be Winky's Mom. She had moved far away out of the neighborhood 8 months prior. She had heard from a neighbor that we had a one-eyed calico. She was now living on a farm and taking care of other "special" kitties. She could see that Winky was well love and cared for.....she said that we should keep Winky....and so we did. She is my husband's favorite. She lays with him every night....meooooooowwwwwww. Winky will turn 17 in March and she is still going strong!!!!

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