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The heat hurts your animals!!!

Be kind to your doggies and leave them home during the hot summer months. Don't leave your dog in the car....even with the windows rolled down. Just imagine have a fur coat on and you are sitting in the car out in a asphalt parking lot for 5 minutes when it is over 75 degrees. How would you feel??? Heat kills thousands of pets every year!!! On an 85 degree day a car can heat up to 102 in 10 minutes...and it can heat up to 120 within 30 minutes...that is really hot! You wouldn't want your precious pet to have to endure that type of heat!!! Pets cannot sweat, so temperatures above 106 can cause severe damage to your pets and even death!!! If you see a dog or cat in a car in the summer months, don't hesitate, call the police. There are laws in place to protect animals rights and protect animals against abuse. Speak for those who can't

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Kimberly Monaco said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog? How did you even find me?
I signed your guest book with a photo of 2 of my dogs... that's pretty cool how that works!
Love your blog!